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Snack with a purpose! Finally a healthy puff snack! Vegan, Non-GMO, Grain Free, Kosher & with 8g of Protein & 0g of Sugar.   Available in 4 flavors, these Crunchy Puffs are  healthier than other snacks! Brass Roots snacks have nutritional value, clean honest ingredients & delicious taste that will fill you up & give you energy. Made from Sacha Inchi, the Peruvian Peanut, much higher in protein than other nuts & with essential amino acids & healthy omega 3. You get functional, well-rounded, balanced nutrition while you snack!  And now available, organic sacha inchi seed butter!
The Litchfield Fund is a family owned & operated Limited Liability Company.  We do not solicit or accept investment from outside individuals or entities.  Opinions offered & investment actions should not be considered to be advice or recommendations.

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Brandjectory is a game-changing online membership community built specifically to foster discovery, communication, & relationship-building between early stage brands & investors before, during & after a capital raise.   Brandjectory is  fuel for a brand’s growth trajectory!  For investors, it’s an active brand directory.  Brandjectory offers brands social media tools like building a profile, posting updates & chat.  Brands can share photos, videos, pitch decks, capital raise details, financials & other important documents, publicly or confidentially to only those investors that follow & connect with them.  For investors, Brandjectory enables discovery & connecting with brands that match their investment criteria, getting notified about updates as they happen & the ability to save or download important documents.  Brandjectory enables brands to scale & investors earlier, more efficient & ongoing access to these  brands.
A simple, unique, all organic coconut smoothie in three delicious flavors, the Original, Mocha & Turmeric!  This amazing blend of the whole coconut, both the meat & the water, creates a healthy nutritious drink!  Tasty & refreshing;  Genius is a rich, creamy, delicious dairy-free plant-based smoothie that helps you energize your day!    Genius is a filling meal replacement, an on-the-go power-up or simply a great tasting guilt-free treat!  Enjoy Genius at any time!  Delicious, healthy & so much fun, isn't it time to Unlock Your Genius??!!

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Seeds, Sprouts, Grow, Harvest!
"We love being in partnership with The Litchfield Fund. We call it the Dolphin Tank because it’s a kind, gentle & helpful experience as opposed to swimming with Sharks.  Tom & Susan are always asking how they can help us using their knowledge & skills. They love being a resource. They never force themselves on us, always mindful to let us run the business but always swimming around the dolphin tank to help us when we need it."  -- Andrew Buerger, Founder& CEO, B'more Organic