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Seeds, Sprouts, Grow, Harvest!

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Tom's  Nona, Mary  
Susan's  Great-grandfather, Christopher 
Based on profitability, the partners will annually determine to return up to 5% of net profit to organizations & efforts that support independent U.S. farmers, co-ops, farmers markets & other organizations that assist independent farmers to operate in this honorable &  rich American tradition.
Gary's ancestors migrated from Prince Edward Island to Ohio in the early 1900s.   Gary was raised on a farm in Litchfield, Ohio  &  would drive the tractor through the village to bring the corn to the local silo.  He married his college sweetheart Barb, whose family had a farm in Tiffin, Ohio.  Their daughter, Susan, inherited the love of the land & a desire for a natural & healthy lifestyle.  She met Tom, whose parents grew up on farms in Pennsylvania coal country & whose ancestors had olive farms in Italy.  Tom loves to cook and he & Susan love to try new & innovative recipes & products.  After successful careers in other industries, Gary, Susan & Tom decided to return to their roots by starting an investment company focused on the natural & organic food & health industry!

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