• ​A family owned & managed office
  • Invest in unique & emerging brands in the Natural & Organic Food/Beverage & Health Industry, adding value through our active involvement, skills, expertise & contacts.​
  • ​Develop partnerships to explore innovative & disruptive solutions for existing industry gaps across a variety of segments, such as product development, production, marketing, technology, etc.

Natural & Organic

Foodie & Gourmet

Farming & Ingredients

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"Tom & Susan of The Litchfield Fund are incredibly passionate about the natural & organic food & beverage industry.  They also are very insightful, providing invaluable advice to entrepreneurs to help improve their chances of success.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them & feel honored to have The Litchfield Fund invest in our company. "  - Alex Bayer, CEO/Founder, Genius

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  • Invest in companies and products that are creating or redefining a market segment
  • Identify companies moving beyond angel funding with established products and markets
  • Hold a minority non-lead investment role
  • Create a personal relationship and partnership
  • Provide mentoring and advice as a non-controlling partner
Investment Philosophy

Health & Wellness