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Snack with a purpose! SuperEats snacks have nutritional value, clean honest ingredients & delicious taste that will fill you up & give you energy. We are Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free & Kosher, with 8g of plant-based protein, only 11g of net carbs & less than 1g of sugar per serving. For protein, we use Sacha Inchi, the Peruvian Peanut, higher in protein than other nuts, with essential amino acids & more healthy omega 3. You get functional, well-rounded, balanced nutrition while you snack!  Our premier Puffs are a crispy, crunchy, can't-put-em-down snack in four tasty flavors! 
Harvest Soul Juices are blended to retain all the nutrients & healthy fiber that’s being “juiced” away from most brands. Harvest Soul keeps it clean by blending only organic superfood vegetables & fruits in each 12 oz bottle.  Always high in fiber, with no added sugar or flavors, this juice provides a healthy carb/protein balance.   Harvest Soul takes great pride in creating the most amazingly delicious & nutritious blends of the healthiest organic fruits & veggies!  Be prepared to be energized & revitalized!  Harvest Soul Juices truly nourishes the body, mind & soul!  
The Litchfield Fund is a family owned & operated joint venture.  We do not solicit or accept investment from outside individuals or entities.  Opinions offered & investment actions should not be considered to be advice or recommendations.
The Genius is Back!  The simple, unique, all organic coconut smoothie is back on the shelves!  This amazing blend of the whole coconut, both the meat & the water, creates a healthy nutritious drink!  Tasty & refreshing;  Genius is a rich, creamy, delicious smoothie that helps you energize your day!   Now available in its Original flavor, with others coming soon, Genius is a filling meal replacement, an on-the-go power-up or simply a great tasting guilt-free treat!  Enjoy Genius at any time!  Delicious, healthy & so much fun, isn't it time to Unlock Your Genius??!!

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Viking settlers are believed to have brought the knowledge of how to make skyr with them from Norway to Iceland. Skyr is still a very popular product in Iceland, a country with the world’s second longest life expectancy. Skyr looks & tastes like Greek yogurt. It’s made with skim milk, so it’s naturally very low in sugar & is fat-free. It’s also an excellent source of protein & calcium. Much of the lactose is consumed by the bacteria, so it can be consumed by people who are lactose sensitive.  The special bacteria culture also gives skyr its taste & makes it full of healthy probiotics.
"We love being in partnership with The Litchfield Fund. We call it the Dolphin Tank because it’s a kind, gentle & helpful experience as opposed to swimming with Sharks.  Tom & Susan are always asking how they can help us using their knowledge & skills. They love being a resource. They never force themselves on us, always mindful to let us run the business but always swimming around the dolphin tank to help us when we need it."  -- Andrew Buerger, Founder& CEO, B'more Organic