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Viking settlers are believed to have brought the knowledge of how to make skyr with them from Norway to Iceland. Skyr is still a very popular product in Iceland, a country with the world’s second longest life expectancy. Skyr looks & tastes like Greek yogurt. It’s made with skim milk, so it’s naturally very low in sugar & is fat-free. It’s also an excellent source of protein & calcium. Much of the lactose is consumed by the bacteria, so it can be consumed by people who are lactose sensitive.  The special bacteria culture also gives skyr its taste & makes it full of healthy probiotics.
Snack with a purpose! SuperEats snacks have nutritional value, clean honest ingredients & delicious taste that will fill you up & give you energy. Forget  empty calorie snacks & feel the difference SuperEats makes in your afternoon. Sriracha, Hickory BBQ, & Sea Salt w/Cracked Pepper Kale Crisps have 4g of protein, 4g of fiber, loads of vitamins & only 100 calories. The new Sacha Inchi Sea Salt, Nacho Cheese, & Ranch Chips are supercharged with 10g of protein.   New Sacha Inchi Puffs in Jalapeno Cheddar,  Chipotle BBQ, & Truffle & Rosemary flavors are fortified with 8g of protein!  
A superfood blend of 21 sweet whole fruits & healthy green veggies is mixed with perfectly sized bits of crunchy nuts, seeds & berries. It’s packed with fiber & protein.  It delivers antioxidants, essential omega fatty acids & flavonoids from its rich blend. These juices are Fressurized™; a proprietary high pressure processed (HPP) method & not heat pasteurized. Perfect as a snack or full meal. Be prepared to be energized & revitalized!  Enjoy Harvest Soul Pro with a proven probiotic to support a healthy digestive function & immune system to keep your life - & gut  - in balance. 
"We love being in partnership with The Litchfield Fund. We call it the Dolphin Tank because it’s a kind, gentle & helpful experience as opposed to swimming with Sharks.  Tom & Susan are always asking how they can help us using their knowledge & skills. They love being a resource. They never force themselves on us, always mindful to let us run the business but always swimming around the dolphin tank to help us when we need it."  -- Andrew Buerger, Founder& CEO, B'more Organic
The Litchfield Fund is a family owned & operated joint venture.  We do not solicit or accept investment from outside individuals or entities.  Opinions offered & investment actions should not be considered to be advice or recommendations.
Genius is a simple, unique, all organic superfood smoothie blended with almond milk & other superfoods to help Unlock Your Genius!   Genius is a rich, creamy, delicious smoothie with ingredients - maca, quinoa, pea-protein - that help you power along!   It is available in its Original, Coffee & Vanilla flavors. Whether as a filling meal replacement or an on-the-go power-up, enjoy Genius at any time. Good for body & mind, now is the time to Unlock Your Genius!

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